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Canadian Independent Record Label - Other Songs Music Co.


The official blog of Other Songs Music Co. A Canadian, independent record label. 

Tim Mann Interview & Studio Tour

Scott Orr

Studio Series #11:  Scott Orr visits the home studio of Tim Mann in Waterdown, ON. Hear them talk about the Apollo, Peluso mics, building a Hairball 1176, and Tim's year supply of free UAD plugins! 

Tim is a Multi-Instrumentalist, Producer and Composer from Hamilton, Ontario. He works out of his well equipped home studio, working to create meaningful art for himself and others.

Based out of Hamilton, Other Songs Music Co. is a Canadian, independent, community-driven record label focused on incarnating the dream of a thriving artistic life in the blue-collared city.  Launched in 2010, Other Songs is a collective dedicated to supporting musicians in the art of making records. Scott Orr is an artist and the label founder.

A huge thank you to local luthier, Jillard Guitars for the technical support/sponsorship to help create this video series. Jillard Guitars aim to create the best instruments for the hands of great musicians, to encourage the creation of amazing music.

For questions or would like to get involved, contact

Catherine North Studios Interview & Studio Tour

Scott Orr

Scott Orr visits the incredible studio in an old church, Catherine North Studios with owners, Dan Hosh and Tristan Miller. 

Catherine North Studios is a 1,500 square ft. open-­concept recording studio located in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. The century-­old converted church is home to many iconic Canadian and International recording artists including City & Colour, Feist, Broken Social Scene, and Whitehorse. Studio A (open-concept tracking room) is outfitted with MCI’s legendary 500C console, two isolation rooms, and vocal booth. Studio B (mixing room) features an MCI 600 series console, and our extensive collection of boutique and vintage outboard gear. For our clients who prefer a traditional studio environment, Studio B can be used as a control room for our live room. The facility is owned and operated by Duke Foster, Scott Peacock, Dan Hosh, and Tristan Miller.

Check out the studio here:

Attic Sound Interview & Studio Tour

Scott Orr

Home studios are on the rise and everyday I'm surprised to learn of another one hidden in basements and attics all over town. 

I found Matt Gauthier's Attic Sound while searching Facebook for more studios to visit. I was keen to see his place because I also have an attic studio and I needed to find out if it was possible to keep an attic cool in the summer: it isn't.

The new episode is up now on

School House Studios Interview & Studio Tour

Scott Orr

When I first started thinking of which studios to visit for this series, I immediately thought of local friends and acquaintances. Low hanging fruit. I also thought it would be great to visit a recording studio owned by someone I hadn't met before. One of the benefits of this series is the opportunity to network with other producers/musicians/engineers.

I found School House Studios on the first page of Google. I rang them up and a few days later we were out in rural Dundas filming our fourth studio tour.

Nick and Kyle opened this place just over a year ago and have already amassed an impressive collection of vintage and modern gear.

It was a pleasure to meet these guys and visit their awesome recording space.

The new episode is up now on  

Boxcar Sound Recording Interview & Studio Tour

Scott Orr

We're excited to share our third instalment to our new Studio Series. We actually filmed this one first back in June (2016) and most everything went smoothly considering it was our first kick at the can. The guys at Boxcar Sound Recording (Sean and Ben) were so kind and so passionate about what they do. The space is a huge converted factory with a killer industrial feel. The studio has an incredible vibe to it, vast yet still very intimate. We're so happy to have been able to visit them and I think them immensely for being our first ever studio and letting us come by and be dorks about gear for a few hours.  I hope you enjoy! 

Dan Edmonds Studio Interview & Studio Tour

Scott Orr

Here's the second episode in our new Studio Series where we visit local Canadian recording studios and do a tour of their facility and talk to them about their process. This tim, Scott Orr got to hang with Dan Edmonds (Harlan Pepper) at his great little space and hear all about how he made his debut record, "Ladies on the Corner" using strictly analog equipment.

Threshold Recording Studio Interview & Studio Tour

Scott Orr

We're so excited to launch our new YouTube series highlighting local recording studios. Get ready to geek-out on some of this great gear. Our first interview is with our good pal Michael Keire at Threshold Recording Studio in Hamilton, Ontario.  A new interview will be posted every other week on our YouTube Channel, so make sure you subscribe to catch them.  Watch the first interview now...



4 Reasons To Support Indie Artists

Scott Orr

When supported directly by the general public, artists can freely express themselves through their music and are free to follow their own instincts when creating.

Having a direct connection between the artists and the fans allows us to receive input, feedback, and encouragement easier then ever.  

When someone buys a record from us - there's an immediate feeling of approval and appreciation that we get - and that powers us to create more.

Art is collaboration. It needs many people to exist. Everyone plays a roll. By financially backing an artist you're not only enabling art, you're creating art.  

We are encouraged and empowered on a daily basis by people like YOU who buy records, send us emails, share our songs, and come to our shows.

Click here to find out how you can support us.

Thank You!
- Scott

The Songs Are All We Have

Scott Orr

This one is special.

Today, we're releasing a 20-song rarities/b-sides compilation album called, The Songs Are All We Have.  The compilation is the anchor for a new summerlong campaign celebrating the past 5 years!

A few of our awesome supporters have mentioned they would support us more if we ever needed. This year we have big plans to do lots of releases and we need your help to make it all happen.  We decided to run a little kickstarter without the kickstarter and keep it all through our friends at Bandcamp.  The album comes with a couple different merch packages that include a limited edition poster, stickers, buttons, guitar picks, vinyl slipmat, and a custom 7" vinyl where you get to pick the songs! 

Putting this compilation together, I quickly realized that songwriting is the heart of Other Songs (obviously). These songs belong as they're presented on this album, raw and honest. They're recorded in the way they were written. 

We want to thank all of you who have supported us and our artists and releases during the past 5+ years! It is not only massively encouraging to see a record purchased, but it is empowering, as it allows us to do more. And doing more is what we're working on right now.  We're working on a interview series (next year), a subscription service (this Fall), a live EP (September), a vinyl release (January), a new artist signing (January), and a handful of new records!  

Please consider supporting us further so we can continue to provide a place for songwriters and their songs to not only survive but to thrive. 

Thank you again.

- Scott and everyone at Other Songs! 

Special thanks to our amazing media partners: Hamilton Magazine, CD Baby, iTunes Canada, I Heart Hamilton, Cut From Steal, Hamilton Music Awards, The Hamilton Spectator, SOCAN, FACTOR, Bandcamp, CBC, Quick Before It Melts, CFMU, Dr. Disc, Guelph Community Music, The Casbah, Sheepdog Studios, Long & McQuade, Redeemer University.

Update on James Hoffman's Sophmore Record

Scott Orr

Nabi recording vocals with Glen Watkinson and James Hoffman

Nabi recording vocals with Glen Watkinson and James Hoffman

Released in June of 2011, James Hoffman's debut was one of our most well-loved records. The follow-up to "The Union" has been a longtime in the making but is nearing completion.  

We recorded demos for this record in the fall of 2013 and we did the drum beds at Sheepdog Studios over Christmas in the same year. After a brief pause, we recorded Ethan Rooney (The Good Hunters) on bass while we were up at a cottage in Marmora in May of 2014. Then we paused again.  

It wasn't until early this year (2015) that we finally got down to business and recorded piano, guitars, percussion, and vocals.  

Earlier this week some of the fellas from Old English tracked some trumpet for us and we got to record background vocals with the incredible Nabi Bersche (pictured) of The Medicine Hat (Spoiler: Nabi is also going to record and release a solo record with us sometime in 2016).  

As as of today, we just have to record some hand claps and a guitar solo and then we're done.   

Mixing will take place at Sheepdog with Glen Watkinson and the album will be out in late October.  

Matt Paxton - "Portland" (The Replacements Cover)

Scott Orr

Matt Paxton first reached out to the label at the end of 2011, right after we had a string of releases and started to make a name for ourselves in Ontario.  I had known of Matt as we were both Hamilton singer-songwriters in the early 2000's.  We had never met, but both competitively respected each-other.  (We did actually meet briefly when he stopped by to purchase some Josh Ritter tickets I was selling on a now-defunct Hamilton music forum). 

We quickly struck up a great friendship and began work on his first single with Other Songs, "Shore Pine Walk", one of our best releases. And then, a few months after it's release, we did it again with "Factory Town", a song that showcased how willing Matt was to let me try anything with his music. 

"Mountain Eyes" was an EP that Matt recorded at home as rough demos. He sent them to me and I mixed them a bit and added some extra instrumentation.  I am not sure what the general public thought about that release, but I didn't really care. To me, that was a heartfelt record that I still love to hear every now and then.  

I enjoy his roughest recordings because it shows how effortless performing is to Matt.  More than anything, my goal for the label is to showcase great songs and their writers.  Matt is no exception.  He is an enormously talented writer and entirely dedicated to his craft.

This winter, Matt recorded a new EP in Toronto and Vancouver with acclaimed producer and pedal steel player, Aaron Goldstein.  I've heard a few tracks and I was floored.  This is his best.

We are extremely proud to have Matt Paxton on our label and his next release is going to blow you away.

Here's a new cover he did of The Replacements' "Portland".

- Scott


Scott Orr

We've been spending a little time re-evaluating our strategies from the past 5 years and planning what we'd like to accomplish in 2015 and beyond.  In addition to more music, we also want to connect on a more personal level with all you great folks who have supported us and our amazing artists.  

So we're blogging.  We've been working on integrating social media and a stronger web presence into everything we do, with the help of the amazing Squarespace.  We've opened an account and just begun to fool around with this service.  All with the hopes of providing more fresh content, direct access, updates, and more great music.

Stay tuned!