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3 Ways to Get Your Artists Heard

Scott Orr

If you haven’t yet downloaded our free guide for DIY indie labels then you can do that here… 

In the guide, our friend John Beeler from Asthmatic Kitty mentioned something really helpful with respect to finding more inlets to your artists and I’ve broken this topic open a bit as I think it’s pretty important to think about…

 1. Promote Your Releases On Multiple Digital Platforms

- Doesn’t alienate listeners, the majority might be on Spotify or Bandcamp – and its okay to prioritize promoting on those platforms – but there could be some die-hard fans and supporters whose listening patterns are different than the average listener. 

- The other thing to keep in mind is that by promoting multiple platforms increases your changes of being featured.  A lot of us focus on getting on Spotify Editorial playlists, but there are a lot of profitable promotional opportunities to be had with lesser known platforms.  Don’t lose out on that by being bias towards one platform. 

2. Release Physical Products. Vinyl, cassettes, CDs, whatever you can…

- Create a lasting product that will outlive any digital platform.

- Pays tribute to the recording and the songs by bringing it into the analog world in a tangible, way. To me, it shows respect to the hard work and creativity that went into these songs…

3. Build Up Your Community

- Your community will champion your music and will be the initial supporters of everything you do.

- Plus it's a great way to foster younger artists and grow new talent right from within your neighbourhood. 

I hope this finds you well and I hope you've been enjoying the podcast (new episode next week!) and the free guide --- don't forget to join our Facebook group if you haven't already.

Please let me know if there's anything I can do for you!  

Have a great week,

- Scott