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The official blog of Other Songs Music Co. A Canadian, independent record label. 

Matt Paxton - "Portland" (The Replacements Cover)

Scott Orr

Matt Paxton first reached out to the label at the end of 2011, right after we had a string of releases and started to make a name for ourselves in Ontario.  I had known of Matt as we were both Hamilton singer-songwriters in the early 2000's.  We had never met, but both competitively respected each-other.  (We did actually meet briefly when he stopped by to purchase some Josh Ritter tickets I was selling on a now-defunct Hamilton music forum). 

We quickly struck up a great friendship and began work on his first single with Other Songs, "Shore Pine Walk", one of our best releases. And then, a few months after it's release, we did it again with "Factory Town", a song that showcased how willing Matt was to let me try anything with his music. 

"Mountain Eyes" was an EP that Matt recorded at home as rough demos. He sent them to me and I mixed them a bit and added some extra instrumentation.  I am not sure what the general public thought about that release, but I didn't really care. To me, that was a heartfelt record that I still love to hear every now and then.  

I enjoy his roughest recordings because it shows how effortless performing is to Matt.  More than anything, my goal for the label is to showcase great songs and their writers.  Matt is no exception.  He is an enormously talented writer and entirely dedicated to his craft.

This winter, Matt recorded a new EP in Toronto and Vancouver with acclaimed producer and pedal steel player, Aaron Goldstein.  I've heard a few tracks and I was floored.  This is his best.

We are extremely proud to have Matt Paxton on our label and his next release is going to blow you away.

Here's a new cover he did of The Replacements' "Portland".

- Scott