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The official blog of Other Songs Music Co. A Canadian, independent record label. 

Update on James Hoffman's Sophmore Record

Scott Orr

Nabi recording vocals with Glen Watkinson and James Hoffman

Nabi recording vocals with Glen Watkinson and James Hoffman

Released in June of 2011, James Hoffman's debut was one of our most well-loved records. The follow-up to "The Union" has been a longtime in the making but is nearing completion.  

We recorded demos for this record in the fall of 2013 and we did the drum beds at Sheepdog Studios over Christmas in the same year. After a brief pause, we recorded Ethan Rooney (The Good Hunters) on bass while we were up at a cottage in Marmora in May of 2014. Then we paused again.  

It wasn't until early this year (2015) that we finally got down to business and recorded piano, guitars, percussion, and vocals.  

Earlier this week some of the fellas from Old English tracked some trumpet for us and we got to record background vocals with the incredible Nabi Bersche (pictured) of The Medicine Hat (Spoiler: Nabi is also going to record and release a solo record with us sometime in 2016).  

As as of today, we just have to record some hand claps and a guitar solo and then we're done.   

Mixing will take place at Sheepdog with Glen Watkinson and the album will be out in late October.