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150 Markland St.

Canadian Independent Record Label - Other Songs Music Co.


The official blog of Other Songs Music Co. A Canadian, independent record label. 

Grant Avenue Studio Interview & Studio Tour

Scott Orr

Studio Series #10:  Scott Orr visits the incomparable Grant Avenue Studio in Hamilton, Ontario who has hosted the likes of Brian Eno, Gordon Lightfoot, Daniel Lanois, and more. Featuring their incredible MCI console, EMT 250, LA2A's, and much more! 

Since 1976, Grant Avenue Studio has survived the many changes and challenges of the music industry. It began as a convergence of ideas between Bob Doidge and the Lanois brothers in the 1970's, and over time has developed an undeniable character of it's own. Situated in a converted early 1900's Edwardian house in Hamilton Ontario, Grant Avenue Studio retains the warm atmosphere implied by the architecture. Simple, quaint and anonymous from the outside, this very location has made an impressive impact on Canadian recording history.

Based out of Hamilton, Other Songs Music Co. is a Canadian, independent, community-driven record label focused on incarnating the dream of a thriving artistic life in the blue-collared city.  Launched in 2010, Other Songs is a collective dedicated to supporting musicians in the art of making records. Scott Orr is an artist and the label founder.

A huge thank you to local luthier, Jillard Guitars for the technical support/sponsorship to help create this video series. Jillard Guitars aim to create the best instruments for the hands of great musicians, to encourage the creation of amazing music.

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